The ultimate virtual fan engagement

Check out all that DigiSign has to offer as the evolution to the autograph meet and greet experience.

Experience Features

Easy to Design

Customize with your own color and signature style

With our easy to use preset templates, creating an eyecatching event will be a breeze no matter the level of your personal creativity.

Here's what to expect

Our platform is fully scalable up or down; we can effortlessly tailor each experience to your needs.

Reach And Build A Larger Fan Base

No longer beholden to a physical location for fan engagement

Best IRL Translation To The Virtual Space

Reconstructed the autograph moment virtually, with live and personalized moments still at the core focus

Simple System,
Foolproof Execution

Cutting edge technology is leveraged for an easy-to-execute event

Create Events On The Go, Mobile Friendly

Easily build event(s), share to social media to promote, all generating new revenue opportunities - right from your phone.


Don’t Wait. Start Creating Your DigiSign Today!

The new age of autograph experiences. One that doesn’t require you to be at a physical table, your fans standing waiting on line for hours, or for you even be in the same location. This is the evolution.